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An English-born Quaker and lastmaker, Pusey (1651-1727) purchased 250 acres from William Penn in 1681. As agent and grist mill manager for him, and colonial office holder, he was visited by Penn here.
Build in 1790 by Caleb Pusey's great great granddaughter, Lydia Jackson Pennock, and William Pennock in Springfield Township and moved here in 1965 by The Friends of the Caleb Pusey House, Inc.
Restoration by The Friends of the Caleb Pusey House Inc. This is the only building still standing which can claim documented association with the proprietor, William Penn, and which he is known to have visited on several occasions.
Built in 1849 as a schoolhouse by John Price Crozer. Purchased in 1966 by the Pusey and Worley Families. Restored by The Friends of the Caleb Pusey House, Inc. 1975& 1976
Minister & civil rights leader. Nobel Peace Prize laureate, 1964. At Crozer Theological Seminary here, earned his Bachelor of Divinity, 1951. King's three years at Crozer were a key period in shaping his philosophy of nonviolent social change.