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A prominent African American Republican who as legislator sponsored a statewide civil rights bill in 1921 that served as a model for future efforts. He was a philanthropist, a founder of Eden Cemetery and Mercy Hospital, and editor of the Odd Fell…
Founded in 1921 by R.R. Wright, Sr., who was born of slave parents, this bank was noted for serving the financial needs of Black customers. It survived the Great Depression and later established offices throughout the city.
Supplies for the Lewis & Clark Expedition (1803-1806), bought in Philadelphia by Meriwether Lewis, were stored and shipped to Pittsburgh from here in preparation for the journey's start. Supplied military goods for Civil War, WWI and WWII. Built 1…
Opened in 1895 as the first hospital for Blacks in this city, this facility trained and employed Black medical professionals who were excluded from other hospitals. In 1948, it merged to form Mercy-Douglass Hospital.
Founded in 1907 by politician and civic leader, B.G. Collier, this order first met above a South Philadelphia barber shop. In 1913 the lodge moved to this site, erecting a new building here in 1923.
Founded in 1884 by Christopher Perry, the Tribune, located here, began as a single, hand-printed page dedicated to improving the everyday life of Blacks. It is the oldest continuously published Black newspaper in the nation.
World-renowned contralto. As a child she sang in this church. Toured Europe & U.S. starting in the 1930s. Her concert at the Lincoln Memorial, 1939, drew 75,000 people. First African-American in Metropolitan Opera, 1955. Delegate to UN, 1958. Died…
Founded in 1907 by African-Americans, this hospital provided training and employment to Black medical professionals. In 1919 it built a larger facility here, and in 1948 it merged to become Mercy-Douglas Hospital
Opened in 1914, this was the first Black YMCA to have its own building. A social center and meeting place for African-American organizations, it provided recreational and educational opportunities for members of the Black community.
Founded 1809 as one of the first Black Baptist churches in America. Later two members sold themselves into slavery to free a slave to serve as pastor. Erected 1906, this building is located at a later site of the congregation.