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Opened in 1835, Thomas U. Walter designed it with elements of Egyptian Revival style and following the revolutionary principle of isolated confinement. With later additions, it could house nearly 5000 inmates - African Americans and women in separ…
One of 22 fire companies established under the Philadelphia Fire Department in 1871. In 1919, it became a segregated African American unit whose members distinguished themselves through professional service. Desegregated in 1952.
Greenfield, who lived here, was one of the 19th century's leading singers, known as the "Black Swan" because of her great vocal range. Her performances were hailed in the U.S. and in England where she sang before the Queen.
A founder, American Moral Reform Society, he edited its journal, 1838-39. Active in the Underground Railroad, he aided hundreds of slaves passing through Columbia, Pa., 1847-60. Conducted lumber business in Columbia and this city. Later lived here.
Founded here in 1854 and dedicated to the literary betterment of African Americans, this school was named for a Black astronomer and mathematician who published an almanac and helped survey Washington, D.C.
A Black educator who lived here, White was the principal of the Robert Vaux School for forty years. He was a founder of the city's first Black baseball club, the Pythians, and the first president of the Frederick Douglass Memorial Hospital.
The famous American economist was born here, September 2, 1839. His book "Progress and Poverty" sold in the millions. Tax socially produced land values, he urged, instead of individually produced labor and capital. He died 1897 in New York
Using culinary influences from Abruzzi, Italy. Brothers Pat and Harry Olivieri created one of the nation's favorite fast foods. The steak sandwich, from a centuries-old recipe used in American homes, Pat's steaks originated here in 1930 and invent…
This Walk of Honor is dedicated to the men and women of the Philadelphia Police Department's South Police Division. The Passyunk Square neighbors recognize and thank the police officers who serve the South Philadelphia community every day. The tre…
Here, in 1763, the southernmost point of Philadelphia was determined as the starting point for the survey of one of the most important borders in the nation. Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon took scientific measurements of a degree of latitude, el…