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The Chads' Springhouse predates the home of John Chads across the street. It was built to be both a springhouse and a residence with a corner fireplace in the living area and a sleeping loft above. It was probably built by John Wyeth Jr., the ston…
This Flagpole is Gratefully DedicatedbyThe Color GuardPennsylvania Society of Sons of the Revolution1988
JOHN CHAD'S HOUSE Proctor's American ArtilleryOccupied Several Redoubts NearThis House at the Battle ofBrandywine, September 11, 1777
1704 House Has been designated aRegistered NationalHistoric Landmark Under the provisions of theHistoric Sites Act of August 21, 1935this site possesses exceptional valuein commemorating or illustratingthe History of the United States U.S…
Welcome to the Barnes-Brinton House, built in 1714 by William Barnes for use as a tavern and private home. The Chadds Ford Historical Society purchased this handsome brick building in 1969, and has authentically restored it and furnished it as a c…
More than any individual in his time, Christian Sanderson focused attention on the Battle of Brandywine, September 11, 1777. He and his mother lived in Washington's Headquarters, 1906-1922, where they entertained thousands of visitors. Leaving the…
At the time of the battle [of Brandywine], Gideon Gilpin, a Quaker farmer, lived here with his wife and six children. Gideon Gilpin owned 130 acres of farm land. After the battle, foraging soldiers plundered the property. The claim of losses filed…
and the International Society of Arboriculture jointly recognize this significant tree in this bicentennial year as having lived here at the time of the signing of our Constitution.
The center of the American line, Wayne commanding, was near Chadds Ford and faced west. In late afternoon as Cornwallis was making the main assault on the American right wing, 3 miles north, Knyphausen's division of British and Hessians crossed Br…