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This Property Is Listed in the National Register of Historic Places By the United States Department of Interior
To Our Heroes of Montgomery Co. Maryland That We Through Life May Not Forget to Love The Thin Gray Line Erected A.D. 1913 1861 CSA 1865
(preface) In June 1864, Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee sent Gen. Jubal A. Early's corps from the Richmond battlefields to the Shenandoah Valley to counter Union Gen. David Hunter's army. After driving Hunter into West Virginia, Early invaded Mary…
(preface) After Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee's smashing victory over Union Gen. John Pope at Second Battle of Manassas, Lee decided to invade Maryland to reap the fall harvest, gain Confederate recruits, earn foreign recognition of the Confeder…
Family Farming Dr. William Brewer acquired 583 acres in a land grant known as "Woodstock Manor," in 1838. Woodstock was two miles from Dr. Brewer's primary residence, Aix-La-Chappell where he provided medical treatment to the local c…
Black men — both free and enslaved — were called upon to fight in the Civil War which ultimately led to the dismantlement of slavery, that 'peculiar institution.' As the Civil War dragged on, the state newspapers exaggerated that t…
Importance of Horses Horses were brought to this continent by Spanish explorers in the 16th centu­ry. Their speed and endurance were invaluable in the New World. In early America. specific breeds were relatively unknown. Horses were identifie…
Fresh from victory at the Second Battle of Manassas, Gen. Robert E. Lee Army of Northern Virginia crossed the Potomac River on September 4-6, 1862, to bring the Civil War to Northern soil and to recruit sympathetic Marylanders. Union Gen. George …
Confederate Gen. D. H. Hill's division crossed the Potomac at Point of Rocks on September 4, 1862, and marched south to clear Union forces from the area. His men breached and drained the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal at several places, burned canal bo…
Has been designated a registered natural landmark under the provisions of the historic sites act of August 21, 1935. This site possesses exceptional value in illustrating the natural history of the United States.