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This free spirited rooster,who chose to live in our town,was fed and protected byAlan Daugharthy and Alma Keating,and brought joy into our urban lives.Friends of Roscoe.
In 1888 B. F. Gilbert, the founder of Takoma Park, built a log cabin to celebrate the presidential campaign of Benjamin Harrison. The cabin stood on the east side of Laurel at Carroll Avenue until it burned to the ground on Halloween in 1915. It w…
This park land, originally called North Takoma Park, was donated by city founder Benjamin Franklin Gilbert as part of his effort to create public spaces within the city. By the mid-1920's it had been renamed Washington Park and was the scene of nu…
GeologyThis section of the trail is on the border of two physiographic provinces, the Coastal Plain and the Piedmont Region, display traces of two different times on Earth. The Coastal Plain stretches south and east from where you are standing to …
Humans first crossed the Bering Strait from Asia between 25,000-14,000 years ago. People may have started living in the Maryland area very soon after the crossing. This was during the Pleistocene Epoch when giant mammals such as saber-toothed cats…
Erected by the citizensin commemoration ofthe founding of Takoma ParkbyBenjamin F. GilbertNovember 24, 1883Dedicated July 4, 1939
Just west of the Jesup Blair House was "Falklands," home of President Lincoln's Postmaster General, Montgomery C. Blair, and "Silver Spring," home of his father, Francis Preston Blair. During the attack on Ft. Stevens, July 11 and 12, 1864, Confed…
On August 8, 1850 a hired carriage was forcibly stopped in the middle of Brookeville Pike (Georgia Avenue) near this spot by a Sheriff's posse from Washington, D.C. and a shoot-out ensued. The carriage was driven by William Chaplin, who was unarme…
In honor of Walt Penney who found enjoyment on Takoma Park's sports fields and returned it ten fold. The spirit of "Coach Walt" will be alive in the glee of children at play and the pride of cheering parents.May 14th, 2005.