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Acquired 1761 by Colonel Thomas White (1704-1779). Largest colonial landowner in this part of Maryland. Deputy Surveyor-General of Baltimore (then including Harford) County. Father of Bishop William White, first presiding Bishop of the Episcopal C…
This tablet marks the site of the building in which were held the Courts of Harford County from its organization in March 1774 until March 1783. In this house the Committee of Harford County held its meetings before and during the early years of t…
The French Troops of Count de Rochambeau in five divisions camped here at the end of August 1782—the 22nd camp on the return march from the Yorktown victory to the north.
County Seat of Harford County from its origin March 1774, until March, 1783. Here the first Declaration of Independence ever adopted by an organized body of men duly elected by the people was proclaimed on March 22, 1775.
Old Post Road Established 1666. The first Methodist college in the world established at Abingdon June 5, 1785 by Bishops Thomas Coke and Francis Asbury. Destroyed by fire December 4, 1796, located 175 yards east of this point.