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A rural suburban congregation linking our past and future. Established 1858 as Mt. Tabor Methodist Episcopal Church. This building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
French troops under Count de Rochambeau made their 36th camp here September 16-17, 1781, enroute to Yorktown, Virginia. Most of the troops embarked from Annapolis, but the artillary marched to Georgetown to cross the Potomac River.
Count de Rochambeau's troops marched over this road from Spurrier's Tavern to "Scott's Plantation" (Belvoir) on Sept. 16, 1781 on the way to Yorktown. Washington and Rochambeau had gone ahead Sept. 10-11 on the way to Mt. Vernon.
Near this spot lies buried Henry Baldwin officer and engineer in the Revolutionary War 1777-1783. Charter member of the Society of the Cincinnati. Born Dec. 23, 1753 - Died Oct 15, 1793, at Rising Sun, Anne Arundel Co., Maryland.