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(Unitarian and Universalist) Founded as the First Independent Church of Baltimore Maximilian Godefroy, Architect, 1817
Has been designated aRegistered NationalHistoric Landmarkunder the provisions of theHistoric Sites Act of August 21, 1935.This site possesses exceptional valuein commemorating or illustratingthe history of the United States.
St. Paul's Church (Episcopal) stands on the only property that has remained under the same ownership since the original survey of Baltimore Town in 1730. In that year, Lot. No. 19, the highest point in the new town, was granted to St. Paul's Paris…
Named for the governor who developed it, Brown's Arcade is a unique and early example of adaptive reuse in Baltimore. The four buildings that make up the Arcade were originally constructed as rowhouses in the 1820's. After the Great Fire of 1904, …
This elm has watched the growth of "Baltimore Towne" for over 100 years, on former estate of John Eager Howard, Revolutionary and 1812 Officer and fifth governor of Maryland. Here, in "Howard's Woods", Count De Rochambeau's troops camped, 1782, er…
In 1882, the merchant Enoch Pratt, wishing to make a gift to his adopted city which would benefit all of her citizens, gave Baltimore $1,058,000 to establish a public library. The original building fronted on Mulberry Street. Designed by the Ba…
At this site, 610 George Street, under the leadership of foundress, Mother Mary Lange, four women took vows of consecrated chastity, evangelical poverty, and religious obedience. Thus began the Oblate Sisters of Providence, the first Congregation …
On an evening in October, 1833, three of Baltimore's most discerning gentlemen were gathered around a table in the back parlor of this house. Fortified with "some old wine and some good cigars," John Pendleton Kennedy, James H. Miller and John H. …
On this site, from 1886-1908, stood the Beehler Umbrella Factory, the oldest umbrella house in America. Founded in Baltimore by Francis Beehler in 1828.
Incorporated 1692, 37 years before Baltimore Town itself, St. Paul's moved to this vicinity in 1731. It was City's first place of public worship.This rectory, the "parsonage on the hill" built 1788-1791 on half acre lot given by Col. John Eager Ho…
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