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Dr. Lillie May Carroll Jackson, born in Baltimore on May 25, 1889, was a tireless freedom fighter. As an "American of African descent, "she endured the humiliation of Jim Crow segregation, but did not take this plight sitting down. Using…
This property St. James Court 1312, 1314, 1316 has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior.
Union Baptist Church incorporated on May 10, 1852 as the second-oldest Negro Baptist church in Baltimore. This structure was built at a cost of $51,256 and dedicated on December 17, 1905. Architect William J. Beardsley designed the church in a Lat…
This stately rowhome at 828 North Carrollton Avenue has served a number of purposes since its construction in 1880. Over the years it has been used as a private residence, office space, and briefly as a retirement home. Its most notable resident w…
A prominent and distinguished Baltimore African-American attorney, real estate broker, and politician. He was educated in Baltimore City public schools and graduated from Howard University Law School. As a friend of James Cardinal Gibbons, he p…
Gloria Victis-To the Soldiers and Sailors of Maryland in the service of the Confederate States of America. 1861-1865 (The front of the base of the monument)
1846-7-8Erected by the Maryland Association of Veterans of Mexican War1903[tablet 2]Association ofthe Veterans of theMexican War1846-7-8Surviving members1903Of the Army.John A. Reese, Samuel C. Love, John A. Love, John Carpenter, Robert Harrington…
Separate but Equal policyJuly 11, 1948ParticipantsJames Robertson, Maceo Howard, Morris Kalish, James Gross, Albert Blank, Jeanette Fine, Gloria Stewart, Mary Coffee, Mitzy Freishtat, Irvin Winkler, Stanley Askin, Louis Pinkney, Leonard Collidge, …
Enabled the city to purchaseDruid Hill Thomas Swann, MayorGeorge S. Brown, Chauncey Brooks, Benjamin Deford, John S. Gittings, William E. Hooper, John H. B. Latrobe, Columbus O'Donnell, John M. Orem, Enoch Pratt, Thomas Winans Park Commissio…
First prizeAwarded toThe United Singersof Baltimoreat the19th Nat'l SangerfestBrooklyn N.Y. 1900.Presented to theCity of Baltimore.