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This tablet commemorates the additions and alterations in 1958 to the Talbot County Courthouse originally built in 1794.
1861 - 1865C. S. A.Names of Confederate Soldiers
Nearby is the site of "Fausley", the birthplace of Tench Francis, Jr, colonial businessman, revolutionary patriot, financier and father of the United States Navy Supply Corps. A successful merchant in the last decades before independence, Tench Fr…
Two years before the Declaration of Independence, the citizens of Talbot County met on this site to protest Great Britian's closing of the Port of Boston, and resolved "to act as friends to liberty and the general interest of mankind."
800 acres patented January 17, 1659 to Robert Morris of London, mariner, "together with a Court Baron and all things thereunto belonging by the laws and customs of England."One of the earliest grants on the Eastern Shore.
"The Rest" was the home of Admiral Franklin Buchanan, 1800-1874, first Superintendent of the Naval Academy, 1845, Commander of the Washington Navy Yard, 1861, Commander of the Confederate iron-clads Virginia, 1862, and Tennessee, 1864, and senior …
Birthplace of Lieutenant Colonel Tench Tilghman, Christmas day 1744. Aide-de-Camp to General George Washington, 1776-1783, and a participant in every major campaign of the main army in the American Revolution. He was entrusted to carry the officia…
Near this spot, about 1665, Quaker settlers built the Betty's Cove Meetinghouse, at this intersection, known as "The Pincushion," they established a school, adding one of the first public libraries in America in 1676, George Fox, founder of the So…