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When the National Road was completed through Funkstown in 1823, a rush of "stagecoaches and wagon teams, droves of cattle, teamsters and travelers" flooded through the town. Although Baltimore was seventy miles to the east, the Funkstown city foun…
Used to treat Confederate officer H.D. McDaniel 11th GA. Regt. during the battle of Funkstown July 10, 1863, who suffered a severe wound and was brought to this house. He survived to later become governor of Georgia.
12 miles to Antietam National Battlefield Site, where on Sept. 17, 1862, about 41,000 Confederates under the command of General Robert E. Lee were pitted against 87,000 Federals under General George B. McClellan.
In the court house that stood on this site Confederate Gen. John McCausland was given $20,000 in cash and all of the suits, hats, shoes, boots, shirts and socks that could be found as ransom upon his threat to burn Hagerstown in July of 1864. …
When German immigrant and founder of Hagerstown,Jonathan Hager, arrived in this country in 1736, westernMaryland area was frontier. Maryland's colonial governorwas offering cheap land to those willing to settle here. In 1739, Hager obtained 200 ac…
Third dwelling was built by Jonathan Hager, founder of Hagerstown Maryland, 1762; Captain of Scouts, French and Indian War, 1755-1763; member of the Non-Importation Association and of the Committees of Safety and of Observation, 1775; member of th…
The Confederate presence at Funkstown threatened any Union advance against Gen. Robert E. Lee's position near Williamsport and the Potomac River as he retreated to Virginia after the Battle of Gettysburg. Gen. J.E.B. Stuart's cavalry, posted at Fu…
October 16, 1739, Jonathan Hager took up "Hager's Fancy" 200 acres in the valley of Antietam Creek. A year later he married Elizabeth Kershner for whom Elizabeth-Town (Hagerstown) was named and established his home here. In 1944 it was aquired by …
Gen. Robert E. Lee with Longstreet's Corps entered Hagerstown Sept. 11, 1862 to make it a base for operations in Pennsylvania. On Sept. 14, 1862 this force hastened to the battle of South Mountain and then to the battlefield of Antietam.
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