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"After the exhilaration of a gallop down the mountain without breaks, what appetite would not be set on edge, what refinement of palate displeased by venison cutlets, or even ham and eggs?"Harper's Magazine, 1879 By 1840, Hancock was a major st…
The significance of this structure lies both in its history and architecture. It is one of the few remaining "toll houses" along the old National Road. The National Road was chartered between Hancock and Cumberland in 1819 and completed in 1822, f…
Rainwater enters the outcropping sandstones of Sideling Hill and collects in what is termed an aquifer. In this highway cut, the water runs out at the bottom of the fractured sandstone layers because it cannot go through the dense claystone below.…
Lieut. Stoddert and twenty men erected and garrisoned a block house and stockaded fort near here on the property of Evan Shelby in 1755 after Braddock's defeat. It was abandoned in 1756-7 after Fort Frederick was completed.