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(Front Inscription):OHIO12th Infantry Commanded byCol. Carr B. WhiteHugh Ewings (1st) BrigadeKanawha DivisionNinth Army CorpsArmy of the Potomac (Rear Inscription):This Regiment advanced to this place on the afternoon of September 17, 1862. …
(Front)Position ofthe 16th. Conn.Vol. Infantry5 P.M. - Sept. 17, 1862 (Left)Number engaged - 779CasualtiesKilled 43Wounded 161Total 204 (Rear)16th ConnecticutVol. Infantry2nd Brigade3rd Division9th Army Corps (Right)Erected by theState of…
U.S.A.Companies G. I. and K., 4th U.S. Infantry.Lieut. C.H. Carlton, Commanding.September 17, 1862.Between 3 and 4 p.m., of the 17th, the 4th U.S. Infantry took position on the right (north) of the Boonsboro Pike, near the Bloddy Lane. Companie…
A day after the Battle of Antietam, Confederate General Robert E. Lee retreated to the safety of the West Virginia (then Virginia) bluffs across the river from here. This was the only good crossing on the river for many miles upstream or downstrea…
This portion of the historic Mumma Farm Lane looked much the same in 1862. Confederate soldiers burned the farm buildings to prevent their use by Federal sharpshooters. Only the white-washed stone springhouse (on the left) survived as does this sh…
Brigadier GeneralWilliam E. StarkeC.S.A.Killed Here.
To the memory of theOld Dunkard ChurchThe oak tree that stoodin front and the UnionCivil War Veterans ofSharpsburg, MD. Erected by O.T. Reilly thehalf-century Antietambattlefield guide. 1927
C.S.A.Walker's Division, Longstreet's Command.Brig. Gen. John G. Walker, Commanding.September 16-17, 1862.Walker's Division left Harper's Ferry on the evening of September 15, crossed the Potomac at Blackford's Ford, and reached Sharpsburg during …
C.S.A.Longstreet's Command.Kershaw's Brigade, McLaws' Division.Brig. Gen. J.B. Kershaw, Commanding.Organization.2d South Carolina Infantry, 7th South Carolina Infantry,3d South Carolina Infantry, 8th South Carolina Infantry.September 17, 1862.Kers…
Purnell Legion InfantryMarylandThird Brigade.2nd Greene's Division.12th Mansfield's Corps.Occupied a linerunning north fromthis marker. Loss 3killed. 23 wounded.The monument to theMaryland troops isnear the DunkardChurch.
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