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Built 1900Old Town FairfaxJoseph E. Willard, who served as lieutenant governor of Virginia and minister to Spain, built Old Town Hall and gave it to the town in 1900. He was said to have been the most influential political figure in Fairfax County…
Built 1873Old Town FairfaxThis is the oldest, two-story, brick public school house in Fairfax County. Bricks were made from a clay pit on the Farr property across Main St. The original portion of this structure, the rear, was build for then consid…
Built c.1820Old Town FairfaxBuilt by Dr. Samuel Draper, this house probably served as his office and examining rooms. Many of the buildings adjoining the house were constructed as out-buildings.
Built 1930Old Town FairfaxThe home was built on top of the Manassas Gap Railway right-of-way which was the railway started before the Civil War. This railway construction was disbanded during the Civil War. The house was renovated in 1992 by Dr. J…
Built 1895Old Town FairfaxThis vernacular, commercial building is a typical example of construction at the turn of the century.
Built 1900Old Town FairfaxThis vernacular, commercial building is a typical example of construction at the turn of the century.
? ? This memorial to the Holocaust, once a dream for survivors who settled in this community, became a reality in 1994 and was rededicated in 2007. ? ? The monument represents a spiritual reminder of the darkest chapter of history, when Hitler per…
Built 1895Old Town FairfaxAn example of venacular commercial architecture, a popular construction type at the turn of the century.
Built 1900Old Town FairfaxThe Fairfax Herald was established in 1882 by Capt. S.R. Donohoe, who, in 1904 moved it to this small, one-story frame structure. The Herald remained in operation until 1966.
Built 1812Old Town FairfaxThis is the oldest house in the City of Fairfax and the first city-owned building to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places (1973). The oldest section of the house, the eastern portion, was built by Richard…