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December 20, 1885 - September 30, 1945 Property donated by Thomas Woolfenden, Sr. who moved from Baltimore in 1880, after serving three years in the Civil War, to Prince William County and he named it wonderful Prince William County. Belle Haven C…
Quantico, the Algonquian term for the once navigable creek to the port of Dumfries, lends its name to the Marine Corps installation established in 1917 and to the Potomac River town chartered in 1927. Early land patents date to 1654. "Dipple" plan…
The Legacy and Heritage ofSecond Battalion, 4th MarinesSecond to NoneThe Magnificent BastardsSmall Wars · Soldiers from the Sea · Old China Marines · World War II · Cold War Force in Readiness · Vietnam · …
Dedicated to all Marines who served our Nation as members of seagoing Marine detachments aboard naval shipsFrom Sea to Shining SeaSemper Fidelis
The first member of Saint Francis of Assisi Parish to give his life in the line of duty.Mt. Fujiyama, Japan ? 2 September 1960Plaque given by Marine Helicopter Sqd. 1
In the late 18th century, armies made the most use of the King's Highway. Merchants preferred to move goods such as tobacco over the Potomac River since land travel was difficult. The road became a main transportation route after the Revolutionary…
Dedicated to the MemoryofEric Paul BertaudSecond Lieutenant, USMCCompany D, The Basic SchoolFebruary 20, 1970 - July 29, 1993
In Honor of all VeteransPresented by the Citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia
(East face): We dedicate this memorial to the memory of the men of "The Fighting Fourth"31 May, 1993 3298 Killed14,424 WoundedFourth Marine Division Association in World War II (North face): Fourth Marine DivisionWorld War II Major Pacifi…
(Marker- right side of entrance): The 6th MARINE DIVISION was formed on Guadalcanal in September 1944 and was composed of three infantry regiments: 4th Marines; 22nd Marines; 29th Marines; an artillery regiment, 15th Marines and several support u…