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In memory of the outstanding contributions of the aircrews and ground personnel who supported the B-36 Peacemaker nuclear forcedeterrent of the Strategic Air command from 1948 to 1958. Their sacrifice, dedication, rediness and vigilance significan…
In Memory Of The Men of the Lexington MilitiaKilled In Action · 19 April 1775During the First Battle of the American Revolution John Brown?????Robert Munroe Samuel Hadley?????Isaac Muzzy Caleb Harrington ?????Jonas Parker Jonathan Harri…
Non Solum Armis ("Not By Arms Alone") We Exist To Help Those Who CannotHelp Themselves????10 Nov 1997
"Lest We Forget"This Tree And Marker Are Dedicated In Honor And RemembranceOf All Who ServedAboard U.S. Navy Cruisers25 April 1998
This Oak planted as a Memorial to the WWII sailors who manned the U.S. NavyLanding Craft Support Ships.Was Dedicated By The National Associationof USS LCS(L) 1-130 On 26 August 1994. "We were the Mighty Midgets...The small ships that cast big s…
Dedicated To United States Army ReserveSoldiers and FamiliesWho Have Served AndSacrificed For Our Nation 100 Army Reserves100 Years Strong 1908-2008
Alconbury and Hardwick, England North Africa: Three ToursWWII Strategic Bombing 1942 - 1945 In Memory of Those Who Made the Supreme Sacrifice in the SkiesOver Europe During World War II to Preserve Our Freedoms.Dedicated to All Who ServedGroup…
The 484th Bomb Group (H) 49th Bomb Wing 15th AF, Flew Bombing Missions From Torretta Airfield, Italy 1944-45 and WasPart of the Greatest Aerial Armada toEver Take to the Skies (484th Bomb Group Association)This Plaque Memorializes the Supreme…
Under authority of Public Resolution 67, of the 66th Congress, approved March 4, 1921, an unknown American soldier was exhumed from each of the four American cemeteries in France. They were placed in identical caskets and assembled at Chalons Sur …
(East Base)In Memory Of Our Men In France 1917 1918 (West base)Erected Through The Efforts Of The Argonne Unit American Women's Legion