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Near here Wade Hampton with a small cavalry force surprised and captured 5 officers and 87 men of the Third Pennsylvania Cavalry, November 28, 1862. At that time Burnside was moving toward Fredericksburg. On February 25, 1863, Fitz Lee, on a recon…
During the Civil War, both the Union and Confederate armies performed reconnaissance while suspended from Hot Air Balloons. The Union Army's use of balloons began in the summer of 1861. After observing civilian balloonist Thaddeus Lowe float in a …
In early January 1863, General Ambrose E. Burnside strategized to out-flank Confederate forces by crossing the Rappahannock at Bank's Ford, well upstream of Fredericksburg. His advance was brought to an abrupt halt when a vicious winter storm sett…
This is Hartwood Presbyterian Church, which Federal troops occupied during the Civil War. They removed and burned all the woodwork, leaving only the bare plaster walls. On November 24, 1862, Capt. George Johnson, 3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry, arrived …
This bellwas taken from theOld Church Buildingand placed here byElsie S. Truslowin memory of her husbandHansford Bryan Truslow1896 - 1959
Site of the OriginalHulls Memorial Baptist ChurchFounded 1888Erected 1897
Dedicated to theMemory ofMilton SnellingsGeneral President1916-1921By the International Unionof Operating Engineers Snellings1870 - 1921
Given tothe Glory of GodbyMarion L. SterneMarch 26, 1995Marker donated by Carroll Memorials
Near here are located ten of the nineteenth century gold mines of Stafford County. The best-known were the Eagle, Rattlesnake (Horse Pen), Lee, New Hope, and Monroe mines. The Eagle Gold Mining Company, Rappahannock Gold Mine Company of New York, …
Organized in June 1825 by the Winchester Presbytery as Yellow Chapel Church, the brick church was constructed between 1857 and 1859. It became Hartwood Presbyterian Church in 1868. During the Civil War an engagement took place here on 25 Feb. 1863…