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Lord Fairfax worshipped here in the "Old Chapel" of colonial Frederick Parish, established 1738. This stone building dates from 1790 and witnessed the early ministry (1810-1885) of Bishop Meade. Governor Edmund Randolph and Col. Nathaniel Burwell …
This is one of the oldest roads leading from the east to the Shenandoah Valley; It crosses the Blue Ridge at Snicker's Gap. The ferry right over the Shenandoah River was granted, 1766. Washington used this road many times. Some distance to the eas…
Battle of BerryvilleSept. 3, 1864Early & Sheridan——
Buck Marsh Fight Sept. 13, 1864Mosby's Attack onSheridan's WagonTrains——
Organized near this spot by Wm. and Daniel Fristoe in 1772. Constituted by elders John Marks and John Garrard, the later serving as its pastor. James Ireland served as pastor from 1778-1806 and is buried here.
Fight at Gold's FarmSept. 3, 1864Mosby & 6th N.Y. Cavalry
Before 1798 Berryville was known as Battletown, a name that perhaps originated from a local tavern famous for its fistfights. The General assembly incorporated the town of Berryville on 15 Jan. 1798. Located at a major crossroads of the Shenandoah…
——1720(?)-1810—— Benjamin Berry, son of Henry Berry of King George County, settled in what is now Clarke County prior to the Revolution, and in 1798, he procured the formal establishment of the town of Berryville, the town …
To improve the lives of former slaves, Ellen McCormick, widow of Edward McCormick of Clermont, established this African American community of 31 one-acre lots early in the 1870s. The lots, laid out on either side of the 16-foot-wide street that or…
The town was laid out in 1798 on land of Benjamin Berry and was first known as Battletown. Here at "Audley" lived Nellie Custis, Washington's adopted daughter. Here at "Soldiers Rest" lived General Daniel Morgan, who built "Saratoga." Here Lee's a…