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Suffolk. The first to honor Franklin D. Roosevelt with President's Days April 29-30, 1933.
George Fox, founder of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), visited this area in 1672 during a missionary journey to Virginia and North Carolina. His visit encouraged Friends who had settled nearby and led to the organization of Somerton Fr…
Restored in 2007 by the Nansemond River Garden Club, this circa late 19th century fountain was utilitarian. Originally it was fed by a shallow well. Water was drawn by a foot pump and rainwater helped fill the basin. The fountain was used to water…
Not for fame or fortune. Not for place or rank. Not lured by ambition or goaded by necessity. But in simple obedience to duty as they understood it. These men suffered all. Sacrificed all. Dared all. And died. The Reverend Doctor Randolph McKim
1861 ~ 1865 More than 1,500 men and boys from Suffolk and Nansemond County left their homes and families in defense of constitutional liberty and states right to face overwhelming odds. Many paid the ultimate price; all endured hardships and suff…
(front) Confederate Dead Erected by Thos W. Smith in memory of his comrades. (side) This shaft on which we carve no name, shall guide Virginia's youth - a sign-post on the road to fame, to honor and to truth. A silent sentry, it shall sta…
In memory of The United Spanish War Veterans of Suffolk and Nansemond County Virginia (inner circle) Spanish War Veterans. 1898 - 1902 (outer cross)) Cuba · Puerto Rico · Philippine Islands · U.S.A.
(front) In memory of the men of Suffolk and Nansemond County who gave their lives in the World War 1917-1919 They sought not glory, but their country's good and died that right, which is more precious than peace, might prevail. (side)This …
Cedar Hill Cemetery sits on the site of a farm owned by the John Constant family in the early 1700's. In 1802, the Town of Suffolk purchased 2½ acres of the farm to build a community meeting house as a shared house of worship for both blacks …
Korea · Vietnam 1950 - 1953 · 1961 - 1975 In memorial to all veterans of Suffolk who honorably served their country in Korea and Vietnam. And to those who suffered and died to gain an everlasting peace.