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Bronze field pieceDiameter of bore ? ? ? 3.74 inchesOverall length ? ? ? 63 inchesMade in Viennain 1812
Union field pieceMade by Revere Copper Co., BostonBronze smoothborecommonly called NapoleonDiameter of bore ? ? 4.62 inchesOverall length ? ? 72.15 inchesWeight ? ? 1228 poundsRange ? ? 1680 yards (0.95 miles)
Bronze field pieceMade for Confederates in 1862by Tredegar Foundry, RichmondSmoothboreDiameter of bore ? ? 4.62 inchesOverall length ? ? 58.6 inchesRange ? ? 1072 yards (0.5 miles)
Originally cast as a 10-inch, smooth bore gun, this weapon was converted to an 8-inch rifle in 1884 at the South Boston Iron Works. The gun weighs 15,800 pounds, has a length of 144 inches and a diameter and a diameter of 35 inches. The ordnance i…
This piece was originally a 10-inch, smooth bore gun. It was converted in 1876 at the West Point foundry, New York, to an 8-inch rifle by inserting a rifled steel tube in the barrel. This particular conversion process was a failure as the system l…
In memory offirst U.S. regular army officerkilled in actionduring the Civil WarLieutenant John Trout Greble2d U.S. ArtilleryUSMA class of 1854A member of this garrisonkilled in action at Big Bethel10 June 1861 USMA graduates Fort Monroe10 June …
In memory ofJohn MitchelNov. 30, 1815 - Mar. 20, 1875 Fearless and courageous southern journalistStaunch supporter of the ConfederacyEditor-in-Chief, Richmond (VA) EnquirerAssociate Editor, Richmond (VA) Examiner1862 - 1865who was confined in t…
This tree, planted with authentic soil from Omaha Beach of Normandy, France, commemorates the 40th anniversary of Allied forces' landings on 6 June 1944. It stands as a memorial to sacrifices in battle and a tangible symbol of our heritage. Pla…
Named in memory ofG. ELMER REYNOLDSStockton, CaliforniaConservationist and lover of nature
In the largest land battle ever fought by the United States Army six hundred thousand valiant Americans rallied to defeat three powerful German armies in the snows of the Ardennes Forest of Belgium and Luxembourg. Almost 20 thousand soldiers made …