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Mary Aggie, an enslaved woman, was convicted of theft in York County in 1730. Lt. Gov. William Gooch, impressed with Mary's profession of faith when she sued previously for her freedom, supported her 1730 claim for "benefit of clergy," w…
"This Yorktown, or Little-York, is a small city of approximately 300 houses: it has, moreover, considerable circumference. It is located on the bank od the York River, somewhat high on a sandy but level ground. It has 3 churches, 2 reformed Englis…
French infantry troops at Yorktown were organized into three brigades. This brigade, some 1,800 soldiers and officers, was composed of the Bourbonnois and Deux Ponts regiments brought from New York by Rochambeau.
During the siege the Marquis de Custine was encamped here with his troops. After Yorktown the Marquis served in the French Assembly and commanded armies in France. He was guillotined during the terrible days of the French revolution.
The steep banks of this ravine gave American troops protection from British cannon fire as they moved up to build and man the siege lines. French troops used a similar cover to the west.
The earth dam in front of you creates Wormley Pond which existed in 1781 when Augustine Moore operated a grist mill here. American troops marched over the dam regularly as they moved to and from the Siege line.
Just ahead the road climbs to the level ground above the millpond. The ravine like depression in which it follows represents more natural wear from horses, carriages and wagons than any recent grading. It is a visible reminder that the roadway her…
The earthworks in front of you and across the open plain played an integral part in the battle that won American independence. For many American, French, British, and German soldiers, only these fortifications stood between them and the enemy duri…
"..it is hereby enacted...that an house suitable and fitt to hold courts in and as bigg in dimension att least as the present court house now is, be errected built and finished...within the said limitts of York Towne...." Virginia General Ass…
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