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The Advance Position 2nd Pa. Vet. Heavy Art. July 30, 1864. Went into action July 30, 1864, 780 men - answered roll call. After battle 286 men; Lost killed and wounded 494 men, including 8 officers.
Suspecting a Union mine, the Confederates dug two listening galleries here. They narrowly missed striking the Union tunnel, which was deeper. The depressions you see were caused by the cave-in of these galleries.
Excavated byThe 48th Regt. Penn. Vet. Vol. Inf.Burnside's 9th Corps,July 30, 1864.
This salient named for Brig.-Genl. Archibald Gracie of Alabama, faced the Federal Forts Stedman and Haskell and was successfully held by the Confederates during the entire siege of Petersburg.
On June 18 1864 the Confederates on this hill repulsed the charge of the First Maine Regiment On March 25 1865 from this salient General John B> Gordon led a body of picked men to surprise and capture Fort Steadman
On the plain below you, the 1st Maine Heavy Artillery enacted one of the tragic dramas of the Civil War. "The field became a burning, seething, crashing, hissing hell, in which human courage, flesh and bone were struggling with an impossibility…
(front)Maine.First Heavy Artilleryin memory of604 brave members who fellcharging hereJune 18, 1864 UnionMaine - VirginiaPeace (rear)Members of theFirst Maine Heavy Artillerywho were here mortally woundedJune 18, 1864... Members of theFirs…
About this house swirled the tide of battle on June 18, 1864, and during "Lee's Last Grand Offensive," March 25, 1865.
The Colquitt's Salient loop trail will lead you over ground involved with two of the most dramatic events of the Siege of Petersburg. On the walk to Colquitt's Salient, you will shadow the advance of the 1st Maine Heavy Artillery during its tra…
This old road was used by both Confederate and Union Armies in the fighting around Petersburg.
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