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In 1938, during the New Deal Era, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) constructed the park's first resources The roadside park began with the construction of the stone picnic shelter fireplace grills, an overlook two trails, the water sy…
Erosion—Nature's cutting tool—has chiseled away the stone on this spur of Flat Tom Mountain, leaving this giant cockscomb more than 2700 feet above sea level. Several counties may be seen from these cliffs.
John Cooper's mine in Cooper section of Bramwell shipped 1st coal from W. Virginia's valuable Pocahontas Coalfield over N&WRR on 4 Nov. 1884. The Coaldale, Caswell Creek & Booth-Bowen mines, operated by Cooper, Jones, Freeman, Booth & Bowen, were …
Called "Home of the Millionaires" when town's fourteen represented the greatest per capita concentration in the U.S. Incorporated in 1889, Bramwell was the business and residential community for Pocahontas coalfield owners and operators such as J.…