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Visited, 1771, by Jesse Hughes, Indian fighter and scout. In 1812, named Tanner's Cross Roads for Samuel Tanner. To the west on the Marcellus Hart farm is the deepest oil or gas well east of the Mississippi River, 9104 feet.
"The memory of those men who went out in their country's service, whether to the North or to the South, whether returned and buried here, or fell on the field and was laid to rest elsewhere, deserves to be kept." —William H. Bishop In the…
April 12, 1861—Confederates attack Fort Sumter. April 17, 1861—Virginia Secession Ordinance adopted. June 19, 1861—Statewide vote on ordinance confirmed. Roane County voted in favor of secession, although majority of future…
In August 1861, a Union militia unit led by Capt. William Pell of Spencer was stationed in Spencer and charged with the area's protection. The first armed conflict consisted of three incidents over 11 days: 1—Confederate guerillas fired o…
In honor ofCol. Ruby G. BradleyU.S. Army Nurse Corps, 30 years.W.W. II, 1941-1945. Prisoner of war 37 months in the Asiatic Pacific Campaign in the Philippine Islands.Korean War, 1950-1953.Chief Nurse of the emergency hospitals in Tague, Seoul and…