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Isabelle "Belle" Boyd, the Confederate spy, lived here during part of her childhood. The ten-year-old and her family moved here in 1853 and left in 1858 for a dwelling (no longer standing) on South Queen Street. According to Boyd, when Union Gen. …
Martinsburg, strategically located on the Valley Turnpike, (present day U.S. Route 11) and the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, was a major transportation center and the northern gateway to the Shenandoah Valley. Both sides contested for it frequently…
This is one of the last surviving antebellum buildings in the area. It was constructed shortly after the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad reached Martinsburg in 1842. The adjacent railroad yards twice were Confederate Gen. Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson…
Built in 1853 by Benjamin Reed Boyd, a merchant, Confederate soldier and the father of Belle Boyd. Belle Boyd was a famous Confederate spy author and actress.
National Civil Engineering Landmark. The re-construction of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Roundhouse and Shop Complex commenced soon after the end of the American Civil War in 1865. This complex included two roundhouses and two significant shop …
Founder of Martinsburg, First Sheriff of Berkeley County,Statesman, Soldier, SurgeonNational Register of Historic Places Oct. 15, 1970
Here was home of General Adam Stephen, founder of Martinsburg and county's first sheriff. Was famous as fighter in French and Indian Wars, and as major general in the American Revolutionary War.
Built, 1812, by Elisha Boyd, general in the War of 1812, on land bought from Gen. Adam Stephen. Mansion noted for its fine workmanship. Home of his son-in-law, Charles J. Faulkner, Minister to France, and his grandson, U.S. Senator Faulkner.
Famous Confederate Spy. Here on July 4, 1861, Belle Boyd, at the age of 17, shot and killed a Union soldier. She was imprisoned on several occasions as a result of her later spying activities.
The colonial village of Martinsburg was established by law enacted by the General Assemply of the Commonwealth of Virginia on October 21, 1778. Martinsburg's founder was General Adam Stephen, a noted soldier of the American Revolutionary War. Gene…