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Honoring All Who Served Jefferson County's men and women have answered their nation's call to military service in war and peace. The monument in front of you is dedicated to all our honored veterans. Five of their stories are mentioned below. Lu…
United States Marine Killed 18 October 1859 During the capture of John Brown Flagpole and gravesite rededicated by Marine Corps League Detachment 1143 13 0ctober 2012
United States Marine Killed 18 October 1859 During the capture of John Brown Flagpole and gravesite rededicated by Marine Corps League Detachment 1143V 13 0ctober 2012
Liberator of Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador Peru, Panama and founder of Bolivia Presented by The President of Venezuela to Bolivar, West Virginia
The brick house in front of you was once part of the United States Armory complex. Prominent Armory officials lived along this street. During the Civil War, Union soldiers camped and drilled here. Inside the house they scrawled their names on the …
You are in the Camp Hill area of Harpers Ferry. Explore Camp Hill's history with exhibits in front of the Morrell, Brackett, and Lockwood houses and Mather Training Center. Side trails in Harper Cemetery and in front of Mather Training Center conn…
In memory of The Black Americans who fought here for freedom from human slavery June, 1976
High above the storied town of Harpers Ferry, with the tranquil waters of the Shenandoah River flowing just below, sits historic St. Peter's Church. Deeply rooted in the rich history of the Church in West Virginia, the Civil war, and one of the st…
This plaque is dedicated to the John Brown raiders, a group of men led by John Brown who, at Harpers Ferry on October 17, 1859 struck a blow against slavery. Killed at Harpers Ferry Jeremiah Anderson · Oliver Brown · Watson Brow…
Revolutionary War Soldier William Broadus Born 1775 Died October 5, 1830 Lieutenant in the First Virginia Regiment Commanded by Colonel George Gibson Marker placed by General Adam Steven Chapter, NSSAR and Virginia Society, NSSAR April …
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