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Meriwether Lewis arrived March 16, 1803. Oversaw building of collapsible iron framed, skin-clad boat and acquired supplies, tomahawks, and rifles. Left for Pennsylvania on April 18; returned July 7 to gather materials and left next day for Pittsbu…
The Moler Family of Jefferson County, West Virginia. In this cemetery are buried George Adam Moler (1714-1783) and his wife Eve. George Adam Moler came to American on Aug. 29, 1730 with his father Ludwig Mohler, settling first in Lancaster, Pen…
(East Facing Side): Jefferson CountyFormed in 1801 from Berkeley. Named for Thomas Jefferson. Home of Generals Gates, Drake, and Charles Lee. Here four companies of Washington's men organized. Shepherdstown was strongly urged as a seat of the Nati…
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