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By authority of the State of West Virginia, to commemorate the siege of Fort Henry, Sept. 11, 1782, the Last Battle of the American Revolution, this tablet is here placed. T.M. Garvin, W.W. Jackson, S. H. Gramm, } Comm., G.W. Atkinson, Governor
First Government of West Virginia established here on June 20, 1863 with Arthur I. Boreman as Governor. This building served as the state capitol until 1870 and again from 1875 to 1876. Approved by the Wheeling Area Historical Society
The Wheeling Suspension Bridge, designed and erected by Charles Ellet, Jr., was completed in 1849. Known as the "Gateway to the West," the bridge was the first to cross the Ohio River carrying people and products to the West along the National Roa…
Although the residents of the western part of Virginia owned far fewer slaves than their counterparts to the east, antebellum Wheeling was part of the social and political fabric of slaveholding Virginia. A slave-auction block stood at the northwe…
The Athenaeum, once the biggest building in Wheeling, stood here. It was constructed in 1854, with three stories supported by cast-iron roof and floor beams. It served as an adjunct of the nearby Baltimore and Ohio Railroad station, to encourage t…
At a meeting called in this building by Joselph H. Reass on March 1, 1919, was effected the first permanent organization of veterans of the World War which later became Wheeling Post No. 1 of the American Legion. At that meeting the following offi…
The first Wheeling Convention of the people of North Western Virginia was held here on May 13-15, 1861. The Convention was held to determine what action should be taken as a result of the secession of Virginia from the Union. It ended without a fi…
The centenary of the siegeIn 1789 the cannons roared in peace, the bells rang out and the Protestant and Catholic bishops processed together to St Columb's Cathedral to celebrate the centenary of the siege. To mark the event Bishop Hervey proposed…
In Honor of All who Served in World War 1917-1918
Marshall County Formed in 1835 from Ohio. Named for Chief Justice John Marshall. In Marshall County is Grave Creek Mound, first among remains left by the unknown race which lived in the Ohio Valley centuries before the white men came. Ohio Cou…