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Oak Grove School was constructed ca. 1910 and served nearby African-American children from ca. 1910-1950. Tradition maintains that Oak Grove's construction was made possible through the donation of the site by a local African-American family, the …
One room school that was used to educate African American children from approximately 1915 to the late 1940s. Grades 1 through 7 were all taught in one room with as many as 50 children and "one small library of 20 books over in the corner". First …
The most heavily traveled in Colonial America passed near here, linking areas from The Great Lakes to Augusta, GA. Laid out on animal and Native American Trading & Warrior Paths. Indian treaties aming NY, PA, VA and the Iroquois League of Five Nat…
The community established along this road in the Bethania Town Lot was built by African-American men and women who began acquiring land here following the Civil War. Many of these people had been enslaved on the Oak Grove plantation, from which th…
Frontier road from Pennsylvania to Georgia in 18th century. A major avenue for settlers of the N.C. backcountry. Passed near here.
The western terminus of the Fayetteville and Western Plank Road, 129 miles in length, longest in North Carolina, built 1849-1854, was here.
The only French and Indian War Fort in the Southeast reconstructed on its original site. This five-sided palisade was built around the central part of the community for protection from Indian aggression. A second fort was located at the Mill Site …
A Federal House later modified in the Greek-Revival style. Research currently being conducted to prepare building as an exhibition of Historical Restorations.
The only German Colonial Church with attached living quarters remaining in the United States. Moravian Wachovia tract leader Frederic Marshall designed building.
First settlement by Moravians in North Carolina, 1753; known also as Old Town. Church erected 1788. Town is 1 mile N.E.