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African American artist and writer. Many of his collages were inspired by childhood memories of N.C. Born 1 block N.W.
From September 26 to October 12, 1780, the Southern British Army was encamped in Charlotte. The camp totaled about 4,000 people including officers, soldiers, loyalists, laborers, sutlers, and camp followers. The encampment was a square, about 400 …
Bold set of anti-British resolutions, adopted on May 31, 1775, in meeting 50 yds., S.W. organized by Thomas Polk, fired spirit of independence.
Mary Anna Morrison Jackson, Mecklenburg native and widow of Confederate General T.J. "Stonewall" Jackson, lived many years on this site. Her home was a mecca for Confederate soldiers and dignitaries including Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Will…
Stood a few feet southwest. Operated 1837-61, 1867-1913. Razed, 1933, and rebuilt as art museum three miles east.
For assay and coinage of local gold during the Carolinas gold rush, the first gold discovered in America. William Strickland designed the building. In 1936 the Mint was moved to the Eastover area to become The Mint Museum of Art.
St.Peter's Episcopal Church was established as a mission in 1834 and became a parish in the episcopal diocese of North Carolina in 1844. The first church building was located on West Trade Street a few blocks from the square. The church purchased …
With President Davisheld last full meetingsApril 22-26, 1865in a house which was located here.
The Last Meetingsof theConfederate Cabinetwere held in this buildingand the surrender ofGen. Joseph E. Johnstonwas Authorized from hereon April 24th. 1865
Founded 1908 to promote sound civic management;Progressive era reform. First meeting held hereattended by delegates from across the state.