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Front Newberry County was one of six counties created from Ninety Six District in 1785. In 1789 John Coate donated two acres here for a courthouse and public square. When additional land was surveyed the town was laid out in 25 one-acre squares o…
This cemetery dates from 1809, 23 years before Newberry's incorporation in 1832. George McCreless donated an acre here for a village cemetery, and his brother Lewis was the first person buried in it. The Town Council bought another acre from John …
Was murdered near by the33d, U.S. Regt of NegroFederal Soldiers Sept. 8, 1865
Dedicated May 27, 2002 to the menand women who served our nation. Theywere truly the Greatest Generation. In this space lies some of the soiland water of the major battlefieldsfought on by our brave men and women.
Historical Bicentennial Marker In Memory OfHenry McNeal Turner 1834 - 1915 Birthplace: Newberry, South Carolina - Boyhood Home: Abbeville, South CarolinaMissionary Pioneer to South Africa, Liberation Theologian Social and Political Activist, First…
Designed by Jacob Graves and builtby John Damron, Newberry County'sfourth court house was erected in1852. It replaced an earlier buildingon this site which was probably designedby Robert Mills. The Old Court House is now used as a community hall. …
This building was erected by theTown of Newberry, and dedicatedin February of 1882. An outstandingexample of Victorian civic architectureof eclectic design, it was placed onthe National Register of Historic Places in 1969. Now housing city offices…
Newberry Cotton Mills, incorporated in 1882, began operation in 1885. Themill was designed by prominenttextile mill architects Lockwood,Greene, & Co. and was one of thefirst cotton mills in the United Statesoperated by steam power. Z.F. Wright,who…
This is a record of sacred dead. They were the soldiers of the Southern Confederact, from Newberry District, South Carolina, who battled for right and perished. Thus their living comrades and they who loved them memorize their lives.
In honor of all who served our country and dedicated to the memory of those who made the supreme sacrifice in World War II.1941 - 1945