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[Front of Monument:][Upper Plaque:]SecondSouth CarolinaRegimentArmy of theRevolutionOrganizedJune 17, 1775[Lower Plaque:]"To theDefendersOfFort MoultrieJune The 28th1776" [Engraved in Base:]"No men ever did and it is impossiblethat any can beha…
(Marker Front):To the Glory of God and in Abiding Memory of 176 valiant young men of the United States Navy who made the supreme sacrifice in the service of our country The USS Hobson (DMS 26) sank in less than four minutes as a result of a col…
This mortar and its three mates were first used by Federal troops for the bombardment of Fort Sumter in October, 1863. They may well form the world's largest collection of this type weapon.
Entered on the National Registerof Historic PlacesOctober 9, 1974U.S. Custom HouseCharleston, South CarolinaAmmi Burnham YoungE. B. WhiteArchitects 1853This property significantly contributes to the Nations Cultural HeritageCommemorated June 1976G…
Thirteen Inch Mortar 1863-1865Used by Union Army - Siege of Charleston
Planter, Merchant, Surgeon, arrived in Charles Town in 1684 with his first wife, Barbara Atkins, and sons, Thomas and George. A cacique by 1690, he wascreated Landgrave by the Lords Proprietors on May 13, 1691. He died in his 46th year on November…
has been designated aRegistered NationalHistoric LandmarkUnder the provisions of the Historic Sites Act of August 21, 1935 this site possesses exceptional value in commemorating and illustrating the history of the United States
Here in the churchyard ofSt. Michael's lie buriedtwo Signers of theU.S. Constitution Charles CotesworthPickney(1746-1825)Lawyer and LegislatorMajor General, U.S. ArmyMinister to FrancePresidential candidateJohn Rutledge(1739-1800)Lawyer and States…
This cannon and its mateto the left have beenidentified as two-thirdsof Fort Sumter's "Three GunBattery" of October, 1863.
was accomplished by the heroic efforts ofAdolphus W. and James C. Lacosteand othersafter engineers of both Federal andConfederate Armies had pronounced itimpossible.—— Due to the untiring efforts of Major John Johnson, C.S.A., Mayor J.…