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Fountainhead of the Drayton family, whichplayed so important a part in America'sColonial, Revolutionary, and Independencehistory. Its original plantation house, creditedby contemporary historians as having beenthe earliest in the Carolina colony, …
Born at Magnolia Plantation in 1713, butfailing to inherit Magnolia, he purchasedan adjoining tract and built Drayton Hall in1740, but later acquiring Magnolia from hisnephew. In a will hastily drawn the night hedied while fleeing the British, he …
Drayton HallSeat of the Drayton family forseven generations, this landwas acquired in 1738 byJohn Drayton (c. 1759~1779)as the center of his extensiveindigo and rice planting ventures.One of the finest examples of Georgian Palladian architecturei…
Built in part in 1706, the year the Church of England was established here by law. Enlarged 1723. Burned out and re-built 1764. Scene of early missionary work among the Negroes.
Rector of nearby St. Andrews Episcopal Church, and owner of Magnolia Plantation before,during, and after the Civil War, he redesigned the plantation's famous garden, from its original French style of Louis XIV to its present style of English infor…