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Linky Stone Park is home to the Children's Garden today, but it was a very different place in the early 1900s while Greenville was evolving from a farming town to a textile (cloth) producing city. Stone Manufacturing was founded here and its dress…
The Reedy is Greenville's river. Its flowing waters have nourished the city and its people for centuries, and its falls are the reason why Greenville is located where it is. But Greenville's people have not always been kind to the river, and now i…
River cane (Arundinaria gigantean) is the only native American bamboo, and it is the "reed" that gave the Reedy River its name. Found in flood plains throughout the southeastern United States, it is a member of the Grass family (Poaceae), and grow…
Agricultural plants that were grown and sold by farmers are important to Greenville's history. For many years, most families in Greenville made their living by farming. Corn, Wheat and OatsIn the early 1800s, corn, wheat, and oats were the most…
The mountains of the Upstate have a very long and complex history. In fact, it took at least 200 million years for them to form! The mountains rose up as huge slowly "drifting" blocks of the earth's rocky crust — called "plates" — coll…
A native of NC who was brought to Greenville by Vardry McBee as a slave. He worked after hours and bought his way out of slavery. Once a free man he soon owned a general store and tannery. He served in the State House from 1868-1870. He d…
The National Registerof Historic Places:Greenville Gas andElectric Light Company
The National Registerof Historic Places:Carolina SupplyCompany
With the founding of the GreenvilleMissions in 1852 this parish,dedicated to Our Lady of the SacredHeart of Jesus, became the MotherChurch of Catholicism in the twelvecounties of Upstate South Carolinawhich comprise the Piedmont Deaneryof the Dioc…
Richard Pearis settled near this site in 1776, and built a trading post and grist mill by the falls. This early settlement eventually became the City of Greenville.
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