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Upper Plaque:Dedicated to the memoryofDr. William Thomas BrockmanA distinguished Surgeon— Humanitarian —ChurchmanCitizen and Commissioner of the City ofGreenville, South Carolina1881 —— 1968Lower Plaque:Brockman ParkIn hono…
In honor of George Tate and Jack Tate Under black out conditions in France during World War II, two army captains, George and Jack Tate, agreed to open a furniture store in Greenvilleif they survived.Tate Furniture opened in 1946 on Main Street…
Honoring Liberty Corporation founderW. Frank Hipp and his childrenFrancis M. Hipp, Herman N. Hipp,B. Calhoun Hipp and Dorothy Hipp Gunterfor their commitment and countributionsto the Greenville community.
Honoring Liberty Corporation founderW. Frank Hipp and his children —Francis M. Hipp, Herman N. Hipp,B. Calhoun Hipp and Dorothy Hipp Gunter —for their commitment and countributionsto the Greenville community.
The Carolina Foothills Garden Club, beginning in 1967, spearheaded efforts to reclaim the long-neglected site of Greenville's birthplace and to preserve its natural beauty along the banks of the reedy River. The City of Greenville endorsed the pro…
This historic site, home of South Carolina's first nationally charted bank in 1873, has served as the cornerstone of the spirit of community banking in Greenville ever since. Carolina First Bank is honored to uphold the banking heritage that puts …
This park was given to the county of Greenville in 1788 byLemuel J. AlstonThe Poinsett-Spring-Stones given in 1956 by the heirs ofC.C. Hindmanto the Poinsett Hotel,J. Mason Alexander, Mng. Dir.
Somerset, Pa., New York, N.Y., Washington D.C.09.11.2001A Day Not To Be Forgotten
DedicatedtoFreedom's Defenders Our Soldiers, Sailors and AirmenWhose Service and Sacrifice"Secure the blessings of liberty"for out community and country.
Roger C. Peace(May 19, 1899 - August 20, 1968) Reporter, Editor, Business Manager,Publisher _ _ _ The Complete Newspaperman,Who guided The Greenville News and The Greenville Piedmont to eminence among newspapers. Who inspired successful vent…
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