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Born August 29, 1852Died February 26, 1905—————Founder and PresidentOrr Cotton Mills—————Honest and Fearless in theDischarge of Every Duty.Rest in Peace.
2.9 miles south on Rocky RiverAnderson Water, Light, & Power Co.,organized in 1894 byWilliam C. Whitner,was successful the next yearin transmitting electricity overthe distance of six milesto Anderson.This achievement was a heraldof the industrial…
Located 1.09 miles northwest, this cemetery marks the original site of Hopewell Baptist Church which was constituted in 1803. The cemetery contains graves of Revolutionary and Confederate veterans. Some graves are marked by field stones with hand-…
Dedicated to the memory ofour comrades who entered theservice of their countryfrom Anderson Countyand who gave their lives inthe World War———-Dedicated byW.A. Hudgens Post No. 14,American LegionNovember 11, 1934
[Front]In honor of theKorean War veterans ofAnderson County1950-1955[Reverse]In honor of theViet Nam veterans ofAnderson County1964-1975
i>[Front]In honor of theWorld War veterans ofAnderson County, 1914-1918Erected by theAmerican Legion AuxiliaryW.H. Hudgens Unit No. 141933[Reverse]In honor of theWorld War veterans ofAnderson County, 1941-1945Erected by theAmerican Legion Auxiliar…
Named in Honor ofGen. Robert AndersonA Revolutionary Hero
This Baptist church, which was first located about 1.5 miles northwest, was constituted in 1803. The congregation moved to the present 4.4 acre site after it was surveyed December 14, 1822. Two houses of worship were built here before 1891, when a…