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[Southwest]:Don't look at me in sympathy, I'm glad I'm this way for I feel good and I'm knocking on wood, as long as I can say you just watch me peg it. You can tell by the way I leg it that I'm Peg Leg Bates, the one legged dancing man. I mix lik…
This house was built by T.C. Booling c. 1840 near the old indian boundary. C.B. Stewart minister of nearby Fairview Presbyterian Church lived here 1859-1890.
(Front): Settlers from the Nazareth area of Spartanburg County founded this Presbyterian church in 1786 on land ceded by the Cherokee Indians in the treaty of DeWitt's Corner, 1777. It is said that three buildings, two of logs and one of brick, pr…
According to traditionan ante-bellum innwith a gushing fountainin the front yardstood near hereon the old stage roadbetweenGreenville and Columbia