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An unusual name for a place! But there is a logical reason, of course. Notice on the map the location of the frontier Indian trails that later became roads. This place was chosen for a trading post because it was a convenient campground along the …
The British built this "stockade fort on the right" in 1781 on property owned by James Holmes, a Loyalist, to protect the garrison's water supply. An irregular fortification built around a barn and several out building, the stockade w…
Ninety Six played a significant role in the struggle for American independence from British rule. It was the site of the first southern land battle of the Revolutionary War, in 1775, and the scene of its longest field siege, in 1781. Early in the …
Follow the paved path to explore a colonial roadbed, Revolutionary War siegeworks and the original Star Fort, the site of the early town of Ninety Six, the reconstructed Stockade Fort of 1781, and the Logan Log House. The one-mile walk starts out …
Front The Ninety Six Colored School, built nearby between 1927 and 1953, was a combined elementary and high school through the 1951-52 school year and an elementary school through the 1955-56 school year. It was a six-room frame building, with a …
In Loving Memory ofWm. Pierce Bennett Kinard1855 —- 1935Founder of Epworth Camp Meetingwho deeded these grounds, eightacres of land, to the Board ofTrustees on Jan. 4, 1907 to beknown asEpworth Camp MeetingGrounds
(A part-time soldier who was not part of a standing army.) During both battles at Ninety Six,citizens took part. These men were nottrained regular soldiers. After the battlesended, they returned back to their homesand everyday lives.
The rifleman was the "sniper" of thePatriot forces. Instead of a ratherinaccurate smoothbore musket, hisrifle had spiral grooves in the barrelthat tightly gripped the lead ball. It wasslow to load but had great accuracy.
As many as 100 Loyalist families tookrefuge in the town of Ninety Six duringthe 1781 siege. They had to suffer thesame hardships and disease as theLoyalist soldiers. After the battle manyfamilies followed the British Army toCharleston, never to re…
General Nathanael Greene had about1,000 Patriot troops from Maryland,Delaware, and Virginia. The averageheight of an adult during theRevolutionary War was 5 feet 5 inches.See how you stand up to this Patriotwhile standing in the footsteps of a sol…