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Roads and paths allowed trade betweenthe Cherokee and early traders. In 1753Robert Gouedy set up the firstpermanent trading post at old Ninety Six.Many road traces can still be seen today.
The Cherokee referred to themselves asTsalagi or Aniywiyai which means the"Principal People". Cherokee used thearea around Ninety Six as a huntingground, where they hunted deer,turkey and even buffalo.
Ninety Six National Historic Site is a unit of the National Park Service, which preserves lands of national significance. This park features the site of the old town of Ninety Six, an important seat of power in the backcountry of South Carolina du…
Left Column:Raymond H. Barnett, Milton Capps, Robert E. Chaney, George W. Chapman, Lewis F. Ferguson, J. Leonard Goldman Right Column:J. Jennings Jamison, R. Fielding Jones, Morris T. Matthews, Lewis O. McIntosh, William M. Patrick, Charles E. …
WT 52 TonsMain Gun 105 MMProduced 1956-1987This tank was acquired from the SC ARNGwith the help of Sgt. Charles A. Price.This marker was dedicated byVFW Post #8131Star Fort Post 103Ninety Six American LegionThis model tank was used in Desert Storm
A plentiful water source was essential for the colonial residents of Ninety Six and for both Patriot and Loyalist troops garrisoned here during the Revolutionary War. The water surely flowed more freely in colonial times. During the sweltering mon…
Robert Gouedy established a trading post on this site in 1753. He supplied cloth, tools, gunpowder, lead, and rum to the soldiers, Indians, slaves, and settlers who passed through Ninety Six on the way to or from Charleston and the Cherokee villag…
The Gouedy trail is a 1.5-mile nature path that takes you through the woods and into a lesser known for historically significant part of the park. This route passes the presumed location of Robert Gouedy's trading post, established in 1751, and th…
The quiet field before you was the site of the once-thriving 1700s town of Ninety Six. In 1781 it had about a dozen homes, a courthouse, and a jail. When Lieutenant Colonel Cruger arrived in 1780, he fortified it against attack. One visitor observ…
Having established the third parallel and dug a mine, the Patriot troops were exhausted. Promised reinforcements from the Virginia militia failed to arrive. A frustrated Greene wrote to Congress: "...our poor Fellows are worne out with fatigue, be…