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Fire as quick as you can, and stand your ground as long as you can. When you can do no better, get behind trees, or retreat; but I beg you not to run quite off. It we are repulsed, let us make a point of returning, and renewing the fight....Benjam…
The patriots who formed battle lines at the foot of this hillside were local boys who knew Kings Mountain well. Some had used the large clearing atop the ridge as a deerhunters' camp. Local men from the South Fork settlements had helped the Whi…
Sacred to the Memory ofMajor Willian Chronicle, Captain John MattocksWilliam Rabb and John BoydWho Were killed at this place on the 7th.of October 1780. Fighting in Defense of America. Colonel Ferguson an office of his BritannicMajesty, was def…
This Tablet Marks the spot whereCol. Frederick Hambrightwas wounded
Here FellMajor William ChronicleOct. 7, 1780
Major Joseph Winston's command mistakenly charged a hillside that was barren of Tories. Later, arriving here, they eagerly peered through the autumn leaves to see if they were mistaken again. They were not, and so entered the triumphant fight.
Kings Mountain...would have enabled us to oppose a superior force with advantage had it not been covered with wood which sheltered the Americans and enabled them to fight in their favorite manner.Alexander Chesney, South Carolina loyalist The w…
A battalion of loyal Americans stood battle-ready on the spine of Kings Mountain above you. Lord Cornwallis' powerful army had ground its way north from Charleston with an unbroken string of British victories. Throughout the summer of 1780, His Ma…
To commemorate the victory of King's Mountain October 7, 1780 Erected by the government of the United States To the establishment of which the heroism and patriotism of those who participated in this battle so largely contributed