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Tennessee Carnes' Battery Wright's Brigade Cheatham's Division 1:30 P.M. September 19, 1863
CSA Carnes' Battery. Wright's Brigade. Cheatham's Division. Polk's Corps. Captain William W. Carnes. 1st Lieutenant L.G. Marshall. 2nd Lieutenant J.M. Cockrill. 2nd Lieutenant A. Van Vleck,killed. Casualties. 38 Men. 49 Horses.
Tennessee 28th Regiment Infantry Wright's Brigade Cheatham's Division 1:30 P.M. September 19, 1863
Tennessee 51st & 52nd Regiments Infantry Wright's Brigade Cheatham's Division 1:30 P.M. September 19, 1863
Robertson's Brigade Hood's Division, - Longstreet's Corps. Brigadier General Jerome B. Robertson. September 20, 1863, 7:00 a.m. 3d Arkansas, - Colonel Van H. Manning. 1st Texas, - Captain R. J. Harding. 4th Texas, - Captain R. H. Bassett. …
Text on the first tablet Gregg's Brigade Johnson's Division - Longstreet's Corps. Colonel Cyrus A. Sugg. September 20, 1863, 7 a.m. 3d Tennessee - Colonel Calvin H. Walker. 10th Tennessee - Colonel William Grace. 30th Tennessee - Lieute…
Tennessee 38th Regiment & Murray's Battalion Infantry Wright's Brigade Cheatham's Division 1:30 P.M. September 19, 1863.
Text on the Front Side of the Monument: 13th Ohio Infantry, Dick's Brigade, Van Cleve's Division, 21st Army Corps. Text on the Back Side of the Monument: This Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Elhanon M. Mast commanding, became heavily engag…
Indiana. Eighty-Sixth Regiment Infantry. (Dick) Second Brigade.(Dick) Third Division.(Van Cleve) Twenty-First Corps.(Crittenden) Saturday, September 19th, 1863, 2 p.m.
Dick's Brigade. Van Cleve's Division, - Crittenden's Corps. Colonel George F. Dick. Sept. 19, 1863, 1:30 P.M.- 1st Position 44th Indiana, - Lieutenant Colonel Simeon C. Aldrich. 86th Indiana, - Major Jacob C. Dick. 13th Ohio, - Lieutenant …
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