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To Missionary Ridge To Bragg Headquarters 3-1/2 Miles To De Long Tower 5-3/8 Miles To Tunnel Hill 7-1/8 Miles
In this area, on September 19th 1863, the first desperate fighting for control of the vitally important rail center of Chattanooga took place. The Eighty-fourth Indiana Regiment, memorialized by a marker on this property was part of a 60,000 ma…
84th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Occupied This Spot September 19th, 1863.
Williamson's Brigade Osterhaus' Division - Blair's Corps Colonel James A. Williamson November 25, 1863 4th Iowa - Lieutenant Colonel George Burton 9th Iowa - Colonel David Carskaddon 25th Iowa - Colonel George A. Stone 26th Iowa - Colonel…
Ireland's Brigade Geary's Division - Slocum's Corps. Colonel David Ireland November 25, 1863, 4 P.M. 60th New York - Colonel Abel Godard 78th New York - Lieutenant Colonel Herbert von Hammerstein 102nd New York - Colonel James C. Lane 137th…
Geary's Division - Slocum's Corps Brigadier General John W. Geary November 25, 1863, 3:30 p.m. 1st Brigade - Colonel William R. Creighton 2nd Brigade - Colonel George A. Cobham, Jr. 3rd Brigade - Colonel David Ireland This Division being…
Fourth Michigan Cavalry September 21st, 1863, 9 a.m.
Lytle's Brigade Sheridan's Division - McCook's Corps. Brigader General William H. Lytle. September 19th, 1863, 4 P.M., 1st Position 36th Illinois - Colonel Silas Miller. 88th Illinois - Lieutenant Colonel Alexander S. Chadbourne. 21st Michigan - C…
Wood's Division - Crittenden's Corps. Brigadier General Thomas J. Wood. September 11th, until 3 P.M. September 19th, 1863 1st Brigade - Colonel George P. Buell. 2d Brigade - Brigadier General George D. Wagner. 3d Brigade - Colonel Charles G. Harke…
C.S.A. Georgia. 2d Cavalry. Lieutenant Colonel F.M. Ison. Crew's Brigade Wharton's Division. 3 P.M. September 20, 1863.