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About 2 o'clock A.M., Sept. 11, 1863, Capt.John J. McCook of Gen. Crittenden's staff, left Chattanooga with an escort bearing important orders from the Commanding General to his Corps Commander, who had left at 1 o'clock to join his divisions near…
C.S.A.Georgia.Co's, "F", "G", "H", "I", "K",10th Confederate.Col. C.T. Goode.Scott's Brigade.Pegram's Division.11 A.M. Sept. 20, 1863.
Pegram's Division - Forrest's Cavalry CorpsBrig. Gen. John Pegram.Sept. 20th, 1863.Davidson's Brigade — Brig. Gen. H.B. Davidson.Scott's Brigade — Col. John S. Scott.Davidson's Brigade of this Division took position Sunday morning Sept…
[Text on North Side of Monument]: CSA In commemoration of theheroism of her sonsSeptember 19 - 20, 1863.TennesseeErects this Monument Cavalry[Text on West Side of Monument]: 4th. (Baxter Smith) RegimentCompanies G. And H., 3rd Confeder…
Tennessee1st Regt. & 18th Batt.Wheeler's BrigadeArmstrong's Div.Forrest's Cavalry11: A.M. Sept. 20, 1863
TennesseeShaw's Battery and4. 8. 9. 10. & 11. Regts.Dibrell's BrigadeArmstrong's DivisionForrest's Cavalry11 A.M. Sept.20, 1863
Hospitals, Left Wing, Union Army. Surgeon M.C. Tollman, 2nd Minnesota Volunteers.Medical Director, 3rd Division, 14th Army Corps. Surgeon Charles Schussler, 6th Indiana Volunteers.Medical Director, 2nd Division, 20th Army Corps.The hospital …
During the Battle of Chickamauga the cavalry forces under the command of General Nathan Bedford Forrest held the position on the extreme right of the Confederate Army. On the first day of the battle, using his men as dismounted cavalry, Forrest he…
Forrest's (Cavalry) Corps.Brig. Gen. Nathan B. Forrest.Sept. 20, 1863Armstrong's Division - Brig. Gen. Frank C. Armstrong.Pegram's Division - Brig Gen. John Pegram.This Corps, except Scott's Brigade of Pegram's Division, was formed on the right of…
Dibrell's BrigadeArmstrong's Division - Forrest's Corps.Col. George G. Dibrell.Sept. 20, 1863, noon, 2d Position4th Tennessee - Col. Wm. S. McLemore.8th Tennessee - Capt. Hamilton McGinnis.9th Tennessee - Col. Jacob B. Biffle.10th Tennessee - Col.…