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At this location on July 21, 1820 Congregation Mickve Israel consecrated the first synagogue to be erected in the State of Georgia — This tablet authorized by the Savannah-Chatham CountyHistoric Site and Monument Commission
On January 12, 1865, U.S. Secretary of War Edwin Stanton and General Wm. T. Sherman met here at the home of Charles Green with 20 leaders from Savannah's African-American churches, including Garrison Frazier, Ulysses L. Houston, and William Campbe…
Designed by noted English architect William Jay, this house was built for William Scarbrough,president of the Savannah Steamship Company.Completed in 1819, itis an excellent example ofthe neoclassical style. Scarbrough hostedPresident James Monroe…
This is Yamacraw Bluff where the Colony of Georgia was founded February 12, 1733 by Gen.James Edward Oglethrope. Voted by the Georgia Daughters of the American Revolution the Most Historic Spot In Georgia
Organized Feb. 21, 1734 Oldest Continuously Operating EnglishConstituted Lodge inThe Western Hemisphere[Masonic Emblem]Building dedicated forMasonic purposesSept. 13, 1975Grand Lodge, F. & A.M., GeorgiaHarris Bullock, Grand Master
Near this site on July 11, 1733, five monthsafter Oglethorpe founded Georgia, 42 Jewishcolonists, having sailed from London,disembarked from the William and Sarah.It was the largest group of Jews ever to sail on one vessel from North America in Co…
Joel Chandler Harris (1845-1908), New South journalist and author of Uncle Remus tales, Free Joe, and many other works, was associate editor of the Savannah Morning News from 1870 until 1876, under William Tappan Thompson, an established writer of…
The oldest Black Congregation in North America began in 1773. May 20, 1775 the church was born with Rev. George Leile as its pastor; and constituted January 20, 1788 with Rev. Andrew Bryan, Pastor. ( Plaque 2 ) To The Glory Of God This buildin…
(West face) In its fourth year, the American Revolution had become an international conflict. Rebelling American Colonies and their French allies attempted to capture Savannah from the British in 1779. Haitian soldiers of African descent were p…
On this site March 29, 1734 when Savannah was an English colony stoodthe public oven and next door 22-24 Congress St.The house for strangers
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