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This church was organized in 1857. The first sanctuary, made of logs, was situated near the still-present old well. A number of Coffee County's prominent citizens were early members of the church and are buried within the cemetery, including Willi…
(East face)In Memory Of OurConfederate Soldiers(North face)1861 - 1865 [Crossed Flags](West face)Erected by the Robert E. LeeChapter, U.D.C.Oct. 1911
Organized at Douglas High School, on this site, in 1930Founder Dr. Jesse Lee Fortney,Superintendent of Douglas Public SchoolsFaculty Sponsor - Miss Agnes McNairAdult Advisors - Misses Kate Outen and MaryStanford; Mesdames L.E. Heath and F.M. Chalk…
This County, created by Act of the Legislature February 9, 1854, is named for Gen. John Coffee who served in the Indian Wars and was a Member of Congress in 1833-36. He built the "Old Coffee road," which forms part of the border between Berrien an…
Coffee county was created by an act of the Georgia legislature Feb. 9, 1854, and made up of portions of Clinch, Ware, Irwin and Telfair counties. Named for Gen. John Coffee, of Telfair county, noted as an Indian fighter, planter and Congressman. F…