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This park is a memorial to Captain Lemuel Johnson- Confederate Veteran and benefactor of this city 1918
In this house Aaron Burr fleeing after duel with Alexander Hamilton, and later General Winfield Scott returning from Indian campaign in Florida, were entertained by Major Archibald Clark. W.P.A. 1936.
USS George Bancroft SSBN- 643 Commissioned 22 January 1966???Decommissioned 21 September 1993 (Associated Sponsor plaque excerpt)USS George Bancroft SSBN- 643 was a 640-class Fleet Ballistic Missile (FBM) submarine homeported in Charleston, Sou…
???????Following the death of President George Washingtonon December 14, 1799, localcitizens and members ofCamden Lodge #16 plantedsix Oak trees in a memorial service honoringthis famous Statesman,Soldier and Free Mason. Thismonument marks the spo…
In Commemoration Of TheSpanish Occupation Of GeorgiaBegan in 1566 and virtually ended1686 when the Spanish garrisons and missions in the face of English intrusion from Carolina withdrew south of St. Marys River
Expeditions to AntarcticaDiscovery, 1901-1904Terra Nova, 1910-1013Endurance, 1914-1917 In recognition of his invaluablecontribution to these expeditionsand of his many acts ofselfless heroism on behalfof his companions The Tom Crean Memorial…
This church is the oldest religious organization in the city, although not the oldest church building. George Clark served as the first missionary to the people here in 1792. John Garvin was the first appointed Pastor to St. Marys in 1799. Methodi…
These are the ruins of a tabby sugar works built by John Houston McIntosh at New Canaan Plantation soon after 1825. In his sugar house McIntosh installed what was, according to Thomas Spalding, the first horizontal cane mill worked by cattle power…
Built by public subscription as a place of divine worship for inhabitants of St. Marys and its vicinity. Reverend Horace Southworth Pratt was ordained and installed as the first pastor by the Presbytery of Georgia in June, 1822. Incorporated un…
(Left text) There is very little photo documentation ofexactly what the Boathouse looked like duringthe Club era. Club members rarely would havebeen found in this area, It was typically usedby year-round employees. The only visible evidence of t…