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(Front text)The historic Harlem Academy, known as "The Mother of African- American Schools," was the first public school erected for African- American children in Tampa.The first classes were held in 1868 in the Hillsborough County Courthouse. In …
This hallowed ground set aside as a town burial site in 1850 "for whites & slaves alike" is the resting place for many of Tampa's founding fathers, mayors, and county officers. A governor of Florida, two Supreme Court Judges, framers of all five F…
To the 102 unknown soldiers and settlersreburied here from the old U.S.Army cemetery at Fort Brooke, Mar. 24, 1981. Rest in eternalpeace. Through the efforts of the city ofTampa and Tampa Historical Society.
Here lie buried the remainsof a small group ofNative Americans who perished about 200 years ago.These remains were discoveredin 1987 during the constructionof the Tampa ConventionCenter.Let us honor the memoryof these and allNative Americanswho ha…
In Memory of the Victims of the Yellow Fever Epidemics of 1853, 1858, 1867, 1871 and 1887 - 88 who are Buried in Oaklawn
On this site, after the devasting hurricane of 1848, McKay, a native of Scotland, built his first permanent home of finished lumber from Mobile, Ala. Here, with his wife Matilda,they raised their children. McKay was a dominant factor in the up…
Site of Tampa's First Church Building and first frame ecclesiastical House of Worship erected in the area of all South Florida. Built by the Methodist congregation under the superintendency of Rev. L. G. Lesley. General T.J. "Stonewall" Jackson co…
Dedicated to the memory of the29 Sea Captains andMariners whosevision and couragechartered a courseof developmentfor Tampa Bay
During the Civil War the USS Sagamore on June 30 - July 1, 1862 bombarded Tampa. An 8 inch shell landed in the cemetery.
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church was established in Tampa in 1871. Its first service was held in the hospital building at Fort Brooke. A wooden church was erected in 1883 on the city block bounded by Marion, Twiggs, Morgan, and Madison Streets, which…