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This is the earliest known cemetery in the town of Athens, and the final resting place for many of its first citizens. The earliest burials date from the 1820's and continue through the mid-1800's, with an occasional burial past 1900. Through the …
(Front):This house was purchased by George S. Houston in 1845 and was his home until his death here on 31st December 1879. Houston served the people of Alabama in public office for thirty six years. His long and distinguished political career bega…
Dedicated to those who gave their lives in defense of their country by the veteran students of Athens College
Fort HendersonBuilt on this site in 1863 by federal forces occupying Athens. It was a five-sided earthen fort with some frame buildings and underground bomb-proofs. Abatis lined the fifteen-foot deep perimeter ditch, a small portion of which is st…
Dedicated to the early settlers, men and women who served in the armed forces and kept our country free. August 12, 1989.
Lucy's BranchThis site is named for Lucy Bedingfield, daughter of a slave and a Cherokee Indian. She was born 1832, and her Indian name was Finch. She married Meredith Bedingfield, a slave and had 9 children. Lucy was an astute and avid storytelle…
Athens Female Academy founded by patriotic citizens 1843Raised to college level under Methodist patronage First college building,Founders Hall (1842-3), still used for classes Unbroken service since 1822
created Feb. 6, 1818 by Alabama Territorial Legislature from lands ceded by Cherokee Nation 1806 and by Chickasaw Nation in 1816. Named for creek (and its limestone bed), which runs through county. Few settlers here until Indian treaties. Athens b…
On May 2, 1862, Union troops of the 19th and 24th Illinois and the 37th Indian Regiments commanded by Col. John Basil Turchin went on a rampage thought the town. They looted and plundered stores and homes, stealing clothing, jewelry and anything o…
This church was organized in 1829 as a Cumberland Presbyterian church by the Revs. Robert Donnell, John Morgan and Allen Gipson. After first using an interdenominational building, a church was built on West Washington street in 1852. This was b…