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First settler of Clarksville Tenn. and his four sons three of whom were killed in 1792 and one in 1794 by the Indians and to other pioneers of this county who lost their lives in this manner.
The Arlington Hotel, a three story brick building built in 1887, once occupied the northeast corner of this parking garage, fronting on North Second Street. Streetcars passed this modern hotel every fifteen minutes and porters from the Arlington, …
When the war began, the South had few ironworks capable of producing cannons. Confederate Chief of Ordnance Josiah Gorgas noted that "we were not making a gun, a pistol nor a sabre, no shot nor shell." Soon, however, Clarksville's Whitfield, Bradl…
The Spur Line Park was conceived to preserve and enhance a portion of a historic area within the city and interpret its unique connection with rail and water transportation. The development of railroad and river commerce was essential to the…
Dedicated to those patriots who lit the flame of freedom with their lives and to those who continue to fuel the flame with selfless sacrifice and service to our country. May this light lead them home.
Founded by the Tennessee Freedman's Bureau. St. John Missionary Baptist Church was established in 1866 on the corner of Ford and St. John Street in a small house with a small congregation of formerly enslaved persons. Its first pastor, Henry Wilco…
In the early 1920's, the area from Public Square to Second Street known as Strawberry Alley, was widened and extended to Third Street and the area designated Legion Street to honor the veterans of World War I. In 2008, under the leadership of Mayo…
  First launched as a weekly under the name of The Chronicle by Francis Richardson in 1808, it merged with its younger rival, The Tobacco Leaf, at an unknown later date. It is believed to be middle Tennessee's oldest newspaper.
1848 Montgomery Masonic College First Institution for Higher Learning in Montgomery Co. 1855 Stewart College
Originally known as the Rexinger House, Archwood was built in 1878 by Samuel Rexinger, a former postmaster of Clarksville (1867-1883). In 1965, the private residence was sold to the State of Tennessee and became the property of Austin Peay State U…